First post, and first preview!

Hey, I’m Alex ‘Tid’ Knowles, and I’m happy to be welcoming you to this blog. It’ll be the main source of information about Deep, which is the game I’m working on!

First go check out the “What is Deep” page to get a bit of an insight on exactly what kind of game Deep is.

I’ll be updating this blog a fair bit with new screenshots and information as I make progress, but for now I’d like to just share the first video of Deep, which I uploaded about a week ago. It shows off the Microchips system, a very important part of the game.

As you can see the Microchips system allows you to very quickly and intuitively add and remove various upgrades and abilities to your character, and see an immediate difference in their capabilities and appearance. As you make your way through the game and find Microchips, you’ll have more and more control over how you want to approach both combat and exploration, truly making the gameplay experience entirely your own.


2 thoughts on “First post, and first preview!

  1. Situations

    Awsome cant wait to see how it comes out.And itss a good thing your with MG or i would have never found it


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