If you’ve read the ‘What is Deep?’ page of this blog you already know that there are going to be boss-type enemies in the game. I wasn’t expecting to get to this aspect of the game until much later, but I had quite a bit more free time than I usually do this last week, so here we are!

The picture above shows the first boss of the game, Bandit. I still want to do a lot of little tweaks to how the boss fight looks aesthetically at this point, but functionally I’m really really happy with how the boss fight plays and works. All of my favourite games have really cool boss fights, so it’s kind of a personal goal for me to make the ones in Deep a high point of the game.


Bosses in Deep are part of the natural progression of your exploration. You’ll just kind of stumble into their arena. This isn’t supposed to be a game where you ever feel like you have to go looking for anything specifically, exploration needs to be your driving factor. Bosses are going to be an integral part of this and I hope you look forward to finding and battling them!

By the way, from now on I’ll be updating every Thursday (that’s Wednesday in America), so check back on a weekly basis for new stuff. I might post a little bit more often if I finish a lot of new content in a single week, but Thursdays will be the absolute minimum. Just letting you know!


3 thoughts on “Bosses!

  1. JorgeRomero

    bosses…?, this will be great, but try to make a better desing, i dont say is not a good boss, i just say you can do it better, make it look more badass, i now this is maybe the first level boss but i still thinking this can be better.
    PS: sorry for my english


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