Customisation and Information

Some of you may have seen the rather intimidating looking Heads Up Display that was shown in one of last week’s screenshots. Lets take a closer look.

Going around clockwise you have your health, your battery, a depth meter, your minimap, and a mysterious looking HUD element that I’ll discuss more later. It’s a lot to take in, and all together it takes up a pretty large percentage of the screen.

You’ll take some comfort in knowing that some of these HUD elements won’t actually be present unless your current robot build requires them, which it won’t at first. Here’s a more approachable looking screenshot, taken moments after a new save file was started.
But maybe you want to have an advanced robot with access to all sorts of fun functions, while maintaining that simplistic look. This is where those little letters next to each HUD element come in. All you have to do is hit that letter on your keyboard to start work on customising your screen.
This shows us a much cleaner version of that first screenshot, with all the same information about our robot being conveyed to us, the player.

This is something that’s probably better explained in motion, so here’s a video that shows off both this system and a little preview of what your pause screen has to offer.

Pretty cool right? Personally I like having all of the large visual indicators around my screen, except sometimes my map. Maybe younger or less game-savvy players will also enjoy having the big colourful animated elements in their HUD rather than a lot of numbers. The important part is that it’s up to you, and that your experience with Deep is totally customisable.


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