You may have noticed by now that there are three different kinds of microchips in Deep. You may even have noticed that they’re colour coded!
The original Microchip video I uploaded to Youtube showed off a Blue Chip, Drill, and a Green Chip, Ultra Friction.
What I haven’t done until now is show off any of the third kind, the Amber Chip.


While some Blue and Green chips do provide you with some pretty great ways of taking out the wildlife, it’s usually a minor bonus in addition to some other primary purpose. Amber Chips on the other hand specialise in combat. Here’s how it works:
You’ve already seen this screen if you watched last week’s update. If you look on the left hand side, you’ll see that we’ve collected some rocks. 26 in fact.
Rocks are one of four kinds of ammunition you can find in the world of Deep. But all that ammo is useless without an Amber Chip that utilises it for something.
Before too long you’ll run into a chip like this. This isn’t a particularly exciting example, but all four ammunition types can be used by a huge range of Amber chips, for a variety of unique effects. You can equip two of them at once too, so try and find two that complement each other’s pros and cons to create the most battle ready robot you can.

I don’t want to spoil very much about the different kinds of Amber chips, but I would like to show this super quick sneak peek of one of my favourites. Check it out:

The Boulder Bowler Chip uses 8 rocks, but it’s very worth it. Not only can the boulder plow through several enemies that are grouped together, but it can be pushed around by you afterwards, and used like that to crush any other creature foolish enough to venture towards it.

Every Amber Chip uses at least a little bit of one of the four ammunition types, so as you explore and find creatures, you’ll have to weigh up the cost and the reward of killing each one.
I’m low on rocks, which this chip uses, but there’s really no way I can get up there without terminating this guy.
Here though, unless I’m feeling particularly sadistic, there’s not a lot I can gain from the murder of this innocent creature, so it’s probably smarter to preserve my ammo and honor and leave him alone.

So that’s combat in Deep! I hope you enjoyed this week’s update.


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