The Subterrain

In a past update, I very briefly mentioned the Subterrain, one of the several different environments that you’ll explore as you progress through Deep. I’ve recently done a lot of work on the Subterrain part of the game and I’d like today’s update to give you a bit of a tour.
You’ll discover it reasonably early on in your journey, and it’s the first major hub-like area to be explored. In fact, I think of it as the point where Deep really begins! Let’s take a look:
You and the various lifeforms of the planet will quickly learn that trying to jump or move through the vines and mud seen here is quite difficult. But they do serve a purpose outside of hindering your mobility.
Tearing down the fragile vines is a fantastic way to find the highly explosive Gel substance, which is one of the four ammunition types. Vines are scattered throughout Deep, but there are just so many in the Subterrain…
…That it’s possibly the best place to collect the stuff. And there’s something very satisfying about just ripping through as many of them as you can, especially when using some of the more overly destructive tools at your disposal. Though, perhaps you’d rather use those on the Subterrain’s diverse wildlife?
Here are two enemy types that are primarily native to this area. The Taal pop out of the ground to greet you with projectile attacks, while the Oxy are slightly more docile flying creatures. They aren’t alone though! Among other creatures I won’t reveal yet, you’ll find larger and scarier families of the shelled Spiles that I’ve been showing off in earlier screenshots.
And they aren’t the only things that have gotten larger. The boulders that your robot could push around to crush enemies until now are slightly less easy to work with now.
Of course this means they’ll be a lot more effective if you do manage to roll one off a cliff onto an unsuspecting creature below, but I guess it comes down to your playstyle.

Anyway that’s all for this week, I don’t want to reveal everything all at once about the different Environments, but if you liked this update maybe I can talk about a different Environment like this in the future, so let me know what you think using the contact me page or the comments below.


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