A Terminal is pretty much the most important, and one of the most rewarding things you can find while exploring the world of Deep.
They’ll generally be located at dead-ends. Oh, and the light on top is a different colour depending on what kind of environment you’re in!
Anyway, terminals serve a number of different purposes. First of all, they provide you with full map information about the environment you’re in. See, when you first enter a new area, you’ll always have access to this kind of minimap:
But the other kind, which usually looks like this:
…Won’t be available to you. It won’t be until you activate a terminal in that area. What’s really nice about getting this full map layout is that it’ll also allow you to see where the other terminals are.
Terminals you haven’t accessed yet show up on the map as those purple dots.
Activating terminals is also the primary way you’ll start to collect Microchips. Whenever you use a new terminal for the first time, a number of microchips will pop out for you to grab.

So those are the advantages of activating a new terminal. You get a map of the area and some brand new microchips to equip. But what about terminals you’ve already been to? What can you gain out of revisiting them?
Terminals are the only place in the game where you can customise your microchip setup. You have to find one if you want to equip a new microchip you’ve found or otherwise change your build. They also provide you with navigational benefits:
Pictured above is the teleport menu, which you can access from any terminal. It allows you to teleport to any terminal you’ve accessed in the past, as long as it’s in the same environment. This can be very helpful when you don’t particularly want to travel back through a huge area that you’ve already been through.
And what about that Change Appearance button? Well, I think I’ll save that for a future update.


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