Special Attack Elements

With all of the different creatures, hazards and microchips in Deep, there are a lot of different ways for the inhabitants of the planet to both deal and receive damage. But there are a certain three attack types that I want to show you today that several of the various weapons in the game share.
First of all, poison. It should go without saying that some of the creatures native to this planet have naturally venomous properties, so obviously you need to watch out for them. Some are so dangerous that they may even start to kill off the other animals sharing their habitat.
The image above shows a Spile that’s been poisoned. The smartest thing for him to do would be to hold still. It’ll make the poison wear off faster and won’t deal as much damage to him. Spiles aren’t generally smart enough to realise that though, so chances are upon taking damage he’ll panic and make a run for it, until..
The poison finally kills him off, and he’ll collapse mid-run.
Your robot can be poisoned too, and the same rules apply. So if it happens, find a safe place and don’t move until the poison leaves your system. How does a robot get poisoned you ask? …I’ll have to get back to you on that.

The next two I want to talk about are a little more simple. Fire and ice. I think a screenshot can make it fairly clear what an attack with ice properties can do:
You can even stand on the frozen enemy like a platform!
Fire on the other hand is special in the way that it deals damage. Basically, everything in Deep has varying levels of defense. Something with high defense won’t take as much damage from an attack as something with low defense would. What makes fire attacks unique is that they totally ignore the defense of the creature, as if it were just 0. So if some sort of flame beam dealt 15 damage to an infant Rodent, it would still deal that same 15 damage to a fully grown Spile. You also get a nice visual effect on creatures that have been burned. Of course, that applies to your robot too, so watch out.
In simple terms, fire is a great way to take out enemies that are just too sturdy for your other weapons to do a lot of damage to.

Oh and one last thing. In case you haven’t just assumed this already, there are a number of microchips that either help you impose these effects on enemies, or protect yourself from being vulnerable to them. For example, here we see a robot equipped with the Air Filter microchip, which protects you from being poisoned:


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