Death & Progress

I’ve been asked a few times both in the comments section on this site and through e-mails about how saving and progress works in Deep. Do you have to start again when you die? Can you quit and come back later? This week I want to address all those kinds of questions, and essentially explain the structure of Deep.
This is where a new save file will start you off. In mid-air, just barely not high enough to land on those platforms around you. You’ll fall quite a distance and then find yourself in the Caverns environment, with nothing but your basic bumper attack.
It’s good for shoving boulders but not much else. Anyway, at this point, if you’re defeated at all, you’ll reappear up in the air where you first started your adventure. What’s important to note though is that while your health will have fully recovered, nothing else in the world willhave changed. Anything broken or moved will still be broken or moved, anything that died will still be dead. The only thing that’s happened is that you’ve been teleported out of harm’s way and had your health restored to maximum.
This is the case wherever you go in Deep, but the location you teleport back to (known as your save state) will change as time goes on. If you use a terminal, your save state will get set to that terminal. If you enter a door, that’ll make a new save state as well.
Doors like the one pictured above are how you get between the major areas in Deep.

You don’t ever need to worry about saving your game, either. All progress is constantly written to your save file, and if you quit the game and come back later, you’ll just get reloaded at your save state as if you’d been killed.
As you can see above, there are three save files in Deep. Right now there’s no way to enter your name, but that’s definitely something that will be included in the game. The save file shows you how many terminals you’ve accessed, how deep you currently are and how much max hearts you have. It also shows which Amber and blue microchips you have equipped.
This I think tackles most of the questions regarding this subject that I’ve received. However obviously if there’s anything you feel like I haven’t covered, feel free to contact me and I’ll do what I can to clarify matters.


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