Ice Cavern

Here’s the second part of the environment update series! Last time I talked about the Subterrain, and this time I’ll be showing off the Ice Cavern.
The name certainly isn’t an exaggeration. You’ll be finding more ice down here than any other terrain type. It’s very slippery and turning around is slow, especially when you’ve built up speed.
You’d also do well to remember that the low friction means that using powerful weapons will result in more serious kickback on you. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve fired a weapon while standing on ice and it’s launched me backwards off the edge of a cliff.
See right now would not be a good time to use this.

The Ice Cavern also features a lot more water than most of the other environments you’ll find yourself in. It’s not especially dangerous, but it certainly gives this part of the world even more of a unique feel.
You’ll also find that the various creatures that are native to the Ice Caverns are actually capable of swimming in water. This is a Slath, and it’s my favorite creature in the Ice Cavern.
Fully grown, they’re big and heavy, so it hurts quite a bit when they ram themselves into you at high speeds. Which they’re more than willing to do. Luckily they’re also kind of stupid, and they certainly don’t get any smarter when they’re mad. Once they start charging in a direction, you can usually count on them to keep going until they hit a wall, even if they’re no longer chasing anything in particular.
But yes, as I mentioned earlier, they can swim, so you probably shouldn’t try and confront them in water.

So by now you’ve definitely noticed the icicles hanging from the roof throughout the area. You can almost certainly guess what kind of hazard they impose:
Yep, they fall right down onto you. They aren’t alive or vicious, so they won’t directly try and fall when you’re under them, but sometimes it certainly feels like that’s the case. It’s not all bad though, if you’re lucky, they’ll release a rock or two upon shattering on the ground.
If you’re even luckier though, they’ll time their falling down just right and give you one less enemy to worry about.


3 thoughts on “Ice Cavern

  1. ek

    This place looks cool.

    There better be some microchip that lets you melt ice floors/icicles though or this game SUCKS.

    1. alextidknowles Post author

      No, but I update the same time every week (3:00 PM Thursday, AEST). I also have a Twitter you can follow to hear about development news as soon as it happens.


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