Collecting! (Microchips and more)

The only way to get more powerful in Deep is to collect and equip more Microchips. This makes them pretty important things to collect, but where does one actually find new Microchips? There are 3 primary ways and I’ll be going through them in this week’s update.

1) Terminals
microchip1I already explained in the Terminals update that upon discovering a new Terminal, you’d be rewarded with a new Microchip for your efforts. What’s convenient about this method is that you’ll already be at a terminal so you’ll be able to equip your new Microchip immediately and test it out.
microchip2I also recently updated the HUD to show you items you’ve recently collected, and as you can see here that also includes Microchips. I’m really happy with how this looks in motion and I’ll upload a video at some point to show you guys.

2) Collectibles
microchip3This is a collectible. A collectible what you ask? A coin? A token? Neither. Both. This is the physical embodiment of the very concept of a video game collectible.
microchip4They come in different colours, depending on the environment you’re in.
microchip5Thanks to the new HUD design, as soon as you find your first collectible, you’ll be told that there are 100 in total. That’s 100 of each colour, so to find all of them you’ll have to explore all of the different environments.
microchip6Sometimes if the game is feeling generous you’ll find a couple of them close together…
microchip7…But the inverse is that some of them will be somewhat hidden, or otherwise difficult to reach/find. Why do you want collectibles though? Well, whenever you find 25 of any one colour, you’ll be rewarded with a random Microchip. With 100 in each environment, that’s a total of 4 new Microchips to be collected in each environment, which is quite a significant upgrade.

I’ve enjoyed the game a lot more since implementing the collectible system, it makes the exploration feel a lot more driven and rewarding. If you’ve ever played one of Rareware’s Nintendo 64 titles, you’ll know how satisfying this kind of collection can be.

3) Bosses
microchip9You could probably have guessed this one! When a boss dies, they’ll generally drop three things:
microchip10One of them is a golden heart. These both add an extra maximum heart to your health bar, and refill your health. It’s very refreshing to pick one up after a tough boss battle.
microchip11The second thing they drop is a Microchip. Generally it’s a random microchip, but there are a couple of instances where certain bosses will always drop certain Microchips. Bandit for example, the first boss, will always drop the Drill microchip I’ve shown in so many previews.
…Oh, I said they dropped three things, didn’t I? Well, that’s true, but that third item is something I’m still wanting to keep as a surprise. It is yet another kind of collectible though, and it’s one you’ll maybe find even more exciting than the microchips.


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