HUD Preview #2 [VIDEO]

Remember how last week I mentioned a new aspect of the HUD that showed items as you pick them up? For this week’s update, I’d like to show you guys an actual video of that system in motion, because I’m really happy with how it looks.

You’ll notice that the little bar with your ammo and Amber microchip stuff has been rotated to sit flat along the bottom now, this is to allow for more room on the screen when you’re picking up a lot of stuff at once. I think it makes the screen look less cluttered in general as well.

With this update, I also have an announcement to make. Due to my desire to get Deep completed and available for purchase as soon as possible, I’m going to have to stop doing lengthy explanation updates, as it’s taking too much time to actually write them. However I will not be stopping updates! I’ll post new screenshots of the game twice a week. Once on Thursday afternoons, at the same time these updates have been, and once earlier on in the week, probably on a Monday but it may vary a little. I’ll post on my Twitter as soon as I have a new screenshot to share, so I highly recommend following me @CaptainTid if you want to be informed right away. It may seem like this means you’ll be getting less information about the game, but in the long run all it means is that you’ll be able to play the game yourself even faster, so don’t go anywhere!


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