Pathfinding Preview! [VIDEO]

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks of work focusing almost entirely on the AI. In other words, I’ve been trying to perfect the behaviour and intelligence of the game’s wildlife. They’ve started to do a lot of really cool and interesting stuff, and there are several neat features that I’ll definitely make an update about at some point in the future. Finding wildlife in Deep and observing its behaviour is really exciting, and it’s worth exploring the world for.
I really wanted today’s Pic of the Day! to show off all this new stuff, but it’s pretty hard to capture any of it in a still picture, so I thought I’d upload a little video to show you how smart some of those enemies have gotten!

So basically this is the system that allows enemies chase other things. Whether that’s you, another enemy, or something else all together totally depends on the scenario. As you can see, you have to be pretty speedy if you want to get one of the smarter enemies off your tail!


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