Close-Range Combat

melee1This is the Bumper attack that you start the game with. It’s something your robot has built into it, and even if you remove all of your Microchips, you’ll always have it as a last resort to defend yourself with.

melee2It charges up by itself, so if you wait long enough, it can even be powerful enough to kill weaker creatures:



Even when charged up though, it’s still just a Bumper Bar, so it’s a close range weapon. But it’s not the only one…
melee4Enter the Hammer Arm! See, while I’ve talked about Microchips that upgrade your Bumper, I haven’t until now talked about the Microchips that remove it entirely in favour of a different kind of close-range attack.
So what about Microchips that are for upgrading the Bumper? Do they just become useless if I have a different close-range attack equipped? Not at all!
In a past update I showed a Microchip that allows your Bumper Bar to charge up faster, so you don’t have to wait as long between uses to have a powerful weapon on your hands. But the Hammer Arm doesn’t work like that.
melee5The Hammer Arm can charge too, but it’s a little different. You actually hold down the attack button to charge your hammer, which you can do while moving around. The longer you charge, the more times it’ll swing around you.
So with the Hammer Arm equipped, this Microchip would still speed up how fast you charge, just in a slightly different way. Basically what I’m getting at is that none of the Microchips will just cease to work because you have a certain close-range weapon equipped. They might affect each weapon in a slightly different way, but they’re still going to be in effect.
melee7An icy Bumper Bar and an icy Hammer Arm! The same Microchip was used in conjunction with two different weapons.

So I guess there’s still one more question you might have. What happens if I equip two different close-range weapons at the same time? The Hammer Arm and the Whip Coil for example? Well…
melee8…It’s worth experimenting with different combinations. I’ll tell you that much.


2 thoughts on “Close-Range Combat

    1. alextidknowles Post author

      Only the Melee weapon Microchips specifically combine with one another into one tool like this, but the whole game is chip combinations! You can have up to 12 Green (Utility) Microchips equipped at a time, 2 Amber (Combat) and 1 Blue (Tool). With over 100 Microchips in the game, that’s a lot of possible robot builds.


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