Logo Update and Wallpapers!

Hey guys, you may have noticed that since the last Pic of the Day update, I’ve updated the game’s logo! It’s not entirely different or anything, but I’ve made a lot of subtle (and a couple of not-so-subtle) changes that I think make it look both better, and more appropriately fitting with the in-game style.

A while ago I posted a mini-update where I provided you all with a simplistic wallpaper version of the game’s logo, and based on the click-data I get from WordPress, it was surprisingly popular, with that update STILL being one of the more frequently viewed pages on the site. With that in mind, I’ve created another version of that wallpaper using the new updated logo. Of course if you prefer the old logo, that version of the wallpaper is still available. You can find those both below:

New Logo Wallpaper

Old Logo Wallpaper

And in a bit of unexpected free time last week, I’ve also created an entirely new wallpaper, based on a sketch of the game’s main character. I’m really happy with how it turned out, so take a look!

Robot Sketch Wallpaper

And that’s all for today! It’s also a Thursday, so be sure to check out today’s new Pic of the Day, and as always, stay tuned for more info.


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