(Two Month Late) 2014 Update!

So I haven’t made a post on here in quite some time, or updated the Pic of the Day page. I quietly changed the Formspring link to an ask.FM link a month or so back, but other than that I’ve been radio silent so I apologize for that.

Just because I haven’t updated this blog however, does not mean that I have not been working on Deep. In fact, without school to worry about this year, Deep has progressed faster since the start of 2014 than it EVER has before, with the amount of content and polish easily doubling since the start of this new year. Text however is boring and doesn’t prove that, so let’s look at some pictures:

deep screenshot

Worlds are a lot prettier now! Before, all worlds would just have an environment type, like jungle or ice, and that’d be that. Now there are tonnes and tonnes of different variables and algorithms that go into making each world look unique and memorable, even if they have the same environment type.



The graphics in general are much prettier, as I’m sure you can tell. There’s a tile-lighting system, back-wall graphics, and some worlds even feature effects like snow, or running water! Oh, and the world map? Yeah, that’s worth mentioning as well. Lets take a closer look:

deep screenshotmapNot looking too bad is it? You can access a map like this from the pause screen after you’ve connected to a Terminal in the area and downloaded the map data. That up above is only one section of the game as well, the Jungle layer, so let that be a kind of hint as to how big this game is.

There’s so so so much more I want to share with you all about this game and the stuff I’ve put in it lately, but I don’t want to blow it all and have there be no surprises when you finally get to try it out for yourselves, so I’ll leave it at that for now. This post was mainly to reassure you that development is still well and truly underway, and that no blog updates does not mean no progress. I’d just rather be working on the game than on updates like this!


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