Here’s a first, I’d like to do an update that focuses on one of the enemy types you’ll be up against in Deep.

This is a Tank. You might remember it was actually the first enemy I ever showed a picture of in Deep! He’s changed a little since then though… Take a look!

Sorry, these pictures are a little self-indulgent. I love seeing how much the game has changed visually during its development!

The Tank certainly lives up to its namesake. It’s powerful, and too fast to simply outrun.
They can jump too? This almost seems unfair!
Luckily, there’s not a lot going on underneath that helmet, meaning you can escape if you employ some clever maneuverability.
Being such heavy creatures, they can’t get too high off the ground either.

It’s also important to remember that they can only hurt you by charging at you and making physical contact. This means they can’t do much if you have a weapon that lets you attack from a distance.
See? This will work as long as you have ammunition.

…Well, I suppose you might have to develop new strategies if more than one shows up.

You’ll encounter Tanks of several different sizes, too, by the way! Naturally, their speed and strength will vary with their size.
tank6I hope you enjoyed today’s update! This is really just a small glimpse into Deep’s wildlife, and you can look forward to discovering all kinds of different foes with their unique ins and outs when you play Deep for yourself!


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