Just a mini-update today, but I like to do these occasionally to make it clear I’m still alive and working on the game.


There’s something here you’ve not seen before in previous posts… Spike Pits! Deep is a video game, so as you might expect, falling into the Spikes is something you’ll want to avoid.

Spikes actually do a pretty huge amount of damage in Deep, more than most of the creatures do. There are definitely a lot of situations where you’re more worried about an enemy bumping you into the pit than you are about the enemy itself.

I like to think in the above screenshot that the robot is actually just stressing about how he’s going to get the Collectable down there… Well, as is the norm in Deep, there are a number of Microchips that would allow you to perform a feat like that. You’ll have to wait to collect them for yourself.

One more thing…


Not all Spikes are in convenient pits like the ones shown in the first screenshot. Some are just out in the open like this, and you’ll have to jump over them. So be careful!


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