Deepvelopment Monthly Intro

Hi! I’m about to post the first in ‘Deepvelopment Monthly‘, an awfully named series of regular monthly blog posts. The idea is for me to run down all the work that I’ve done in a month, since I know how tough and frustrating total radio silence can be from a project that you’re waiting on.

Some Notes

  • I’ll be keeping it spoiler free! This might end up leading to some very weirdly worded stuff because I want to keep you guys in on the loop while also being vague about the specific content, but we’ll see how we go!
  • Some of you I know are really interested in programming and game development, so I’ll go pretty in-depth with the behind the scenes code stuff where I can, but I know others of you are only interested in learning about the game’s content itself. I’ll mark each ‘point’ with whether it’s about programming or content or both, so you can only read the ones that interest you! Don’t feel obliged to try and read all of it!
  • These posts will be mostly text unlike my earlier updates. The idea is that posting for you guys like this helps you stay up to date without me having to constantly pause development momentum to prepare intricate blog posts, and sometimes it can be really time consuming trying to get the perfect screenshot or perfect video recording. So prepare to do a lot of reading! There will be some videos or pictures if I really need them to convey what I’m trying to say though.
  • I want these to be pretty casual, so I won’t be over-editing or trying to make them sound like big professional PR posts. Since I won’t be doing early access for Deep, I can’t give you guys updated playable demos or anything like that to show you what I’m currently working on, so this is kinda like the next best thing. Think of it more like an in-progress ‘The Making Of’ kind of thing.
  • I’ll probably be doing this right up until the end of Deep’s… Deepvelopment. I don’t like the idea that someone might find this blog, see that I haven’t made a post in a few months, and think that I’ve abandoned the project, so hopefully from now on with this system it won’t ever be more than a month between posts!

I’ll post the March 2015 entry in just a little bit! Get excited!


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