Deepvelopment Monthly #6 {August 2015} – Gotta Collect ‘Em All!

This Deepvelopment Monthly post will cover my work on Deep throughout August 2015.

…Well, sort of. So, the majority (the entirety really) of this month was spent on fairly late-game content. Stuff you don’t want to be spoiled on at all, ESPECIALLY one of the bosses. It’s not finished yet, but it certainly feels cool to be playtesting a part of the game that takes place quite a ways towards the end. Unfortunately it means that I had some trouble figuring out exactly what to fill this month’s post up with. Since I don’t have a tonne that I can share I thought I’d do a more old-style blog post where I go in-depth about some specific topics. I hope you enjoy!

Collectibles are something that I made a blog post about quite some time ago, but the game has changed a lot since then, so lets recap.
Unless you’ve never played a video game before it should be fairly clear that you want to pick these up. What are they exactly? It doesn’t really matter. There are 50 of them in each world though. Some you’ll find just like these, lined up in paths or even sometimes hinting at the location of secrets. Not all of them will be so easy to come by though. Sometimes you’ll have to fight for them…

What in the world is that!? This is a mini-boss. Bosses in Deep are fought in specifically designed arenas, so they don’t get to take full advantage of the randomly generated nature of Deep’s world. Mini-bosses on the other hand? Absolutely! You’ll have to really go exploring if you want to track these guys down. As you can see, this mini-boss is a gigantic version of the Snell enemy type I revealed a few updates ago. Most mini-bosses (but not all!) will be larger or otherwise more dangerous variants of enemies you’d ordinarily find in that world. They’ll also sometimes be coloured differently or have special attacks the normal version of the enemy can’t do. What’s really cool is that they very much play a part in the ‘every save file of Deep is different’ factor, since even the exact mechanics of each mini-boss is in part randomly chosen. I’ve only recently started to put together all the different mechanics of possible mini-boss behavior, but it’s become one of the most exciting parts of the game!
This guy for example fled after I found it, and moved ridiculously fast. I had to chase him across half the map before I could finally claim victory!

Unlike normal enemies, mini-bosses won’t ever appear again after you defeat them, but when killed they can drop all kinds of stuff! You’ll always be rewarded with 5 Collectibles, but you’ll often also score some other goodies. Again, this varies between save files, so everyone’s experience will be a little different.
See, collecting stuff in Deep doesn’t just start and stop with Collectibles. There’s all kinds of stuff you’lll be on the lookout for.
As I’m sure you can imagine, they’ll generally speaking improve on the functionality of your robot in some way. There are other kinds of things to find in the wide world of Deep too, though, but I don’t want to spoil too much. These kinds of things can be hidden in a lot of different ways, and what’s cool is that as you get Microchips over the course of the game, your ability to actually reach these items will expand.

Sometimes it’ll just require having tools powerful enough for the occasion, like to break through the iron blocks pictured above. But other times…
blocked in
How exactly am I meant to get to that? You’ll have to wait and see for situations like these of course.

I also want to bring special attention to the pause screen for a moment. I won’t show the whole thing here, but it should at least be noted that it will contain a list of worlds you’ve visited so far…
…as well as catalog what you have and haven’t found in those worlds yet! This is very helpful if you’re in a completionist kind of mood.

That’s all for today! It certainly was a little unlike my previous monthly blogposts but hopefully you’re happy to subvert the norm in favor of not having late-game content spoiled! See you again in a month!


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