Deepvelopment Monthly #9 {November 2015} –I Found a Way

This Deepvelopment Monthly post will cover my work on Deep throughout November 2015.

Obelisk Again -Content
Last month I explained that I’d been working on these, but that I still had a lot more to code for them to be set up properly. They are now!! Here’s a look:
You’ll see they have a little screen indicator with a LOCKED sign on it now! And.. also that I’m watching the Obelisk from a Terminal screen?

Liquids -Visual
I spent some time this month fixing up the way the game is able to draw liquids like water and magma when they’re inside unusually shaped lakes. It’s a little hard to explain, but it mostly came down to the fact that I added sloped terrain a long time after I added liquids, and I never really anticipated the game having to draw that sort of thing. Because Deep layers the drawing of terrain in a very specific way to create that pseudo-3D effect, it was actually a really tricky process to get it looking as clean as it does!
Of course, as usual, it was never as simple as that, and I got some pretty weird results in my testing. So here’s an actual hellscape.

Pathfinding -Mechanics
This one’s really cool, and it’s what I spent the most time on this month. You’ll have definitely heard me talking about it if you follow my Twitter account. Basically this is the system that determines how to block exits from one part of the map to the other,which is obviously important in controlling the game’s progression. It took a REALLY long time to get this working, but I have some exciting(?) animations that show several work in progress versions of the system trying to determine all kinds of things, like where to place a wall and whether or not a path had been successfully blocked.

It’s the first time in quite a while I’ve had to work with my map generation system and it was pretty cool to go back to it. I started work technically on it last month but wasn’t able to make much progress.
It was just a tonne of fun in general, by the end of it, it was essentially a very simplistic AI, and it was really cool watching it do its best to learn and overcome obstacles. And also equal parts frustrating when it would get stuck in very stupid situations and couldn’t figure out how to progress further!


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